The requirements of the Affordable Care Act can be overwhelming

The IRS now requires certain employers prepare a new form for their employees. This IRS Form 1095-C must be distributed to employees in accordance with Federally mandated deadlines and reflect health care information for each month of the year. Many employers don’t know how they are going to produce these forms and have not yet started accumulating that information. We are here to help!


As a Third Party Administrator we are intimately familiar with the complexity of this task. Sure your payroll company might have every employee’s name, address and social security number but that’s about it. The rest of the information must come from health insurance records and various other sources. We will help you accumulate that information.

• We can import names, addresses and social security numbers from an Excel spreadsheet.

• We can enter information for each employee each month from health insurance bills, spreadsheets, etc. You simply send us the bills for each month and we take it from there.

• Employers review a draft of the forms before distribution.

• We also enter 1094-C form information for printing and filing with the 1095-C forms.

• After we finalize all information, we will print the 1095-C forms for you and mail them.

• For the next year we can carry employee information forward from the prior year or import new.

Your ACA team will help you decipher the requirements for 1095's and get them out the door on time.



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